About Us

We are a two person remote team who’ve known, and shared trading ideas with each other for over a decade. Now we want to spread our experience to a wider audience and create a community of serious traders in one community.


Much like our physical locations, the North and the South, we have found our differing styles of trading and research force us to deeper analyze trading setups producing great results and profits. Join our Slack channel and participate in the conversation for free!


Wags is not risk averse. Over 20yrs of working with software startups has given him a tough skin and straight forward approach to trading using fundamental and technical analysis. Wags has been trading since a teenager and survived two major market bubbles. Prefers swing trading and not afraid of entering a position before confirmation to get in on big moves in stocks, options, futures or Forex.


RM thinks big, thinks positive, never shows any signs of weakness, and always goes for the throat. He has spent over 10 years dedicated to technical analysis trading and transforming into a successful trader. RM has been a successful long term investor, proprietary trader for a firm, and now an aggressive position trader. Always looking at technical analysis over the news, RM has a no non-sense no emotional approach to tackling the market. Just wait for the set up and execute. RM prefers making money over guesses.



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