If this market dips, I’m buying.

I’m going to say it.  The bottom is in.  Sure we might have a down day.  I’m actually expecting a dip maybe tomorrow, maybe the next day, but soon.  I’m already long and looking to buy the dips.  We’ve broken the 2680 I mentioned in an earlier post. Earnings look good for everybody but the banks.  NFLX hit new highs and I’m waiting for the rest to follow.  This week we won’t have big names reporting, but we should the next few weeks and as long as earnings are good, I’m buying the dips.  

Adam Eve Dbl Btm ES

This is an Adam & Eve Double Bottom on SP500 futures.  I’m a buyer of this market and you should too.  We broke the long month like range bound channel and now we see more upside.  There isn’t clear skies ahead just yet, but I’m looking for 2750 and maybe even higher.  Again, this is all dependent upon earnings.  We’re still range bound, but for now we are range bound at the range above where we were at.  If you look at how the Adam & Eve Double Bottom plays out, you will see how this will play out. 

I was buying last night and I’m waiting for the dip, to get some more.  Lots of things set up to make higher highs today.  I’m looking for new highs on crude and I’m waiting for gold to set up. You want to keep an eye on those. There wasn’t much volume today, but as we get deeper into earnings season you will see volume pick up and we should be moving . We might set up for a selling event before the dead days of summer, or we may be looking at new all time highs.  I’m hoping for new highs so we all win. I’m buying this market.  I’m a buyer. 

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